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  • Whistlestop entrance at London train station with new brand designed by Stanza Design.
  • Bold branding for Whistlestop to promote transit convenience shop as a quality proposition.
Whistlestop is a range of convenience stores situated in transit locations with the aim to become the leading convenience store operator in prime locations. Retail shop designer Stanza Design was appointed to refurbish three stores in the centre of London. The conceptual design work included new layout development with signs and merchandise system.

Developing a brand that already exists is always a challenge, to accomplish this new entity, which is recognisable and still adds novelty elements to refresh the brand. London design firm embraced these challenges and provided refreshing ideas and concepts.

Vigorous, bold branding is designed to engage and to build trust with the customer and convince them that transit convenience shop is a quality proposition. Shop design specialist Stanza Design opted for well-lit and colourful environment with bold signs and merchandise system to lead and help the hurried shopper to make clear choices.