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  • Colourful Prémaman shopfront invites mother to be to come in. The shop was designed by Stanza Design
  • Prémaman Detail of modular display system for baby clothing designed by Stanza Design
  • Prémaman Interior with structured open space to accomodate push chairs.
The Prémaman franchise offers to its clients a complete range of ready-to-wear clothing for the future mother, childrenswear and a large array of child centered goods. The shop design needed to take in consideration the different collections and large variety of goods adapted to the particular confines of the site.

This scheme is another example of implementing a brand from outside the UK into the British Market; a design that has been tested and implemented in different countries we took in to account the cultural differences of the English high street. The shop and shop front design needed to be attractive for the UK customers while retaining the franchisers distinctive branding.

A colorful environment attracts mothers to be. Modulable clothing systems can be quickly changed with the decor to suit the arrival of new collections. The shop front design includes easy access to pushchairs and within the store a lift allows customers to browse over two floors of merchandise totaling 6500 square feet.