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Le Coq Sportif

  • Le Coq Sportif interior integrates retail units and office space. Design of retail shop by Stanza Design
  • Specific parts of interior design for the commercial area design by shop designer Stanza Design
  • Retail counter from Paris retail units integrated by retail designer Stanza Design

French sportswear label Le Coq Sportif is well known for their typical French style and have a long history of being associated with football and rugby teams as well other sports of all nationalities. The combination of association with serious sport and having street style make them a strong but under performing brand that wishes to improve their UK presence. Le Coq Sportif appointed shop interior designer Stanza Design to design their first UK trade showroom and head office.

For the trade showroom Stanza Design concept and approach was to incorporate elements of their retail unit in Paris while at the same time integrating in to the space the office space, meeting rooms and hospitality areas for commercial/trade functions.

The emphasis was on presenting the strong line of products in one easily accessible space but divided into specific areas all seamless integrated into the commercial part. The design welcomes corporate and shop buyers to see and touch the merchandise and have direct access to the complete collection of clothing available for resale.