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Brandy & Melville

  • Brandy & Melville shopfront showing brand identity and shop design created by Stanza Design
  • Brandy & Melville shop interior with customers. The shop is an exact copy to the drawings created by Stanza Design.
  • Brandy & Melville visual to showcase the new shop design in Westfield Shopping Centre by Stanza Design
The brief was to create the concept design for the first Brandy & Melville flagship store within the new prestigious Westfield Shopping Centre. The London firm of architects and designers, Stanza Design was appointed to position a new high quality retail brand aimed at fashion conscious women in the 20-35 age group and compete effectively against many well know brands with in the centre.

Stanza Design created a memorable and distinctive interior design, which was of a very high quality to position the brand effectively and convey the feeling of well-established label.

The combination of scene-setting bespoke merchandise display and dynamic architectural spaces results in a mix of carefully integrated classic and modern design elements, which shows off the merchandize in the best light.